Functional design

Models such as BB10 U, BB20 U and BB30 U offer EOS® privacy and sun protection with very discreet and flexible tension rails. And, at 18 x 9 mm, they are significantly smaller than others on the market. In addition, they adapt perfectly to inside the window frame.

The complete track system with top, operating, and slide tracks impresses with its light, restrained lines. Since the operating and the clamping track overlap, there are almost no gaps for light to pass through. For flawless room darkening and privacy. For EOS® privacy and sun protection systems, the fabric width is the same as the track width, so that the end caps do not protrude. On some models, the lateral cut edge of the fabrics terminates with the end caps. This largely keeps any unwanted light from penetrating. This technology is standard on EOS® model BB 24.

Another benefit of the functional design of many EOS® models is the top covering of the track. This hides the inner workings of the tracks for a particularly appealing look. It also keeps dust from penetrating the track to protect its functionality.

Service/ease of assembly

All EOS® privacy and sun protection products are designed to be easy to install. The supports of an EOS® product do not need to be positioned exactly next to each other or at exact distances from the end of the rail. They are practically invisible to those in the space. In contrast to the pleated blinds made by many other manufacturers, EOS® products will in no way disturb the aesthetics of the space. Traces of mounting also remain invisible.

For EOS®, the clamping fixture and the tensioning cord are pre-assembled on all DB and all BB models, further making them easy to install. The tension cord can be adjusted by knotting if necessary. Another advantage is a certain height reserve thanks to a spring. It allows for string tension flexibility of up to 20 millimetres. Thus, the hand-made EOS® models fit perfectly even when measurement errors would cause problems with blinds from other manufacturers.

EOS® blinds are available in large sizes, so that one single system is often sufficient to cover a relatively large window. For vertical windows, they can be as tall as 300 cm and up to 440 cm across. The maximum width of a top-down/bottom-up EOS® BB 24 model, however, is 170 cm. Under certain conditions, special, extra-large measurements can be accommodated. Just ask.

Technology features

Many sophisticated technical features make EOS® products an intelligent solution for protecting your privacy and against the sun. For example, the EOS® model BB24 uses magnets on the operating tracks. The magnets make it very easy to connect the operating rails at the top to the clamping fixture.

This has several advantages. Due to the connection with two or more magnets, the rail fits perfectly even on an oblique glass strip. When releasing the connection, there will be no resistance to overcome. In addition, neither the privacy nor the mounting screws are affected by this design. It also prevents a tensile/torsional load on the thin glazing bead material.

Product advantage of «automatic cord brake»: another advantage of EOS® blinds is the automatic cord brake. If you move the cord of the blind slightly outwards, it locks. If you move it inwards, it opens again. This cord brake is available on all AO and BO models.

Product advantage «SmartCord®»: SmartCord® is the intelligent cord system available on EOS® blinds. It replaces the long cords found on other systems, which sometimes can become a danger to children. Children can get tangled in them and even strangle themselves. With SmartCord, this danger does not exist. This cord system would be very difficult for young children to reach from the floor and there is no cord loop. For young people and adults, on the other hand, the EOS® blinds are very convenient to operate. Last but not least, the user-friendly one-hand operation with the one-pull closing mechanism ensures this. The height adjustment is very easy and the shade can be stopped in any position. SmartCord® protection complies with EU standard EN13120.

Product advantage of «permanently stable clamping fixture»: the BB models from EOS® do not require a tensioning rail. You can push the clamping fixture outwards from the middle. This solution is not only easier to assemble, it also makes the system more durable. It is also more logical for users. If you use the fixation as a pendulum lock for normally free-hanging models, the pendulum lock is located completely outside. It is not indented, so it does not affect the level of privacy.

EOS®, DUETTE® and SmartCord® are registered trademarks of Hunter Douglas BV, Rotterdam

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